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10 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

[1] Find something beautiful and appreciate it. Beauty is all around us, from the morning dew to the evening stars and everything in between.

[2] Make a list of all that you are grateful for. Making a gratitude list shifts your vibrations from focusing on what you do not have to what is already abundant in your life. Gratitude is the Attitude.

[3] Meditate. Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and breath in and out.

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Temper Trap

Temper Trap

Temper Trap is a responsive mask that harvest energy from sound vibrations. Worn by either angry shouters, or even just very loud individuals, Temper Trap absorbs all vocal noice and converts it into usuable electricity. As Temper Trap will inhibit individuals from communicating emotion and vocal expression, its facade monitors both volume and key words, and responds by displaying coinciding images relevant to the speakers message.

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How to be Angry

How to be Angry

How to Be Angry: An Assertive Anger Expression Group Guide for Kids and Teens by Signe Whitson

Are you fed up with child behavior problems? Is your family life stressful and unpleasant? Are you exhausted from never-ending battles? Do you wish your child were more patient…or more outgoing…or less impulsive…or simply different from who she is?

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Years of Living Dangerously

Years of Living Dangerously

Years of Living Dangerously is a 9-part Showtime documentary focusing on climate change and natural disasters. Each episode features celebrity investigators who travel around the US and world, most likely though not confirmed, using environmentally sustainable methods of travel like eco jets, exposing the traumatic effects of global warming. Interviews with both experts and ordinary people affected by and searching for solutions, seek to raise public concern about climate change through a human centered approach, claiming to bring personal stories to the forefront while primarily replete with images of raging wildfires, vanishing glaciers, and violent floods. Though most likely produced all in good faith, Years of Living Dangerously is undeniably a thrilling, lavish production with potential to inspire polarization, denial, and pessimism.

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Acoustic Energy Harvesting

Acoustic Energy Harvesting

Acoustic energy harvesting is the process by which energy is derived from external noise sources, captured, stored, and controlled for small wireless autonomous devices. Acoustic energy harvesting is not as popular as the other types of energy harvesting method since sound waves have lower power density. However, in this age of efficiency and alternative energy sources research, acoustic energy harvesting has become something that can’t be overlooked since it it one of the vastly available energy sources.

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Scare City

Scare City Pleasure Field

Scare City Pleasure Field is a theme park designed to educate citizens of all ages on the impacts of climate change and the scarcity of natural resources. Guaranteed to leave you frightened for an extended period of time, Scare City Pleasure Field was voted one of the nation’s most thrilling theme parks. Enjoy roller coasters that will make you squeal, rides that will leave you dizzy, and games that no doubt never make you want to step outside again into the ruined environment.

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Mister Hands

Mister Hands

Upon first glance, Mister Hands appear to be standard dishwashing gloves. Once slipped on, not only do you feel the snug and personalized fit as they morph to the hands for clever dexterity, but you are literally shocked with the tiny jolt of electricity that runs through your hands – an alert that they are on and working. Once slipped on, not only do you feel the snug and personalized fit as they morph to the hands for clever dexterity, but you are literally shocked with the tiny jolt of electricity that runs through your hands – an alert that they are on and working.

Fujifilm Thermoelectric

Fujifilm Thermoelectric

Fujifilm has used the Nanotech 2013 conference in Tokyo to demonstrate some progress with the creation of a new thermoelectric conversion material. Such a material can convert temperature differences directly into electricity, which can then be stored or used immediately to power or charge some device.

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nPower Peg

nPower Peg

The nPower PEG is a human power charger that harvests your kinetic energy as you go about your daily activities. Whether while you walk, hurry, scamper, chase, or run away; PEG captures and stores kinetic energy, providing extra power for use wherever, and whenever you need it. As a hybrid charger, PED can accept a charge from your kinetic energy and via USB, to extend the use time of your cell phone, GPS, vibrator, and other hand-held electronic devices. In times of emergency, shake vigorously for only 10 min to create enough charge for an empty PEG to make a short phone call.


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Wake Up Successfull

Wake Up Successful

Having trouble achieving your goals? The reason most people aren’t successful is they fail to follow a day-by-day strategy. Instead they start each day, “hoping” they will have enough time to take action on their goals.

If you closely examine the world’s most successful people you’d see they start each day in an energized state, ready to accomplish any goal. What’s their secret? The *one thing* they do differently is they prioritize each day so the most important task is completed first. Put simply, successful people have morning routines that help them feel energized and ready to focus on their most important goal.

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Jack in the Box


Jack-in-the-Box, or JIB, is a portable box made of a opaque, hard outer shell with a single hole on one side for penis insertion. The hole features a padded edge for general comfort. The inside of JIB is soft, squishy, and moist with a responsive materiality that provides optimal friction. Fiction and heat created by the penis rubbing against the inside membrane is the source of electricity generation. While the inside material allows a comfortably tight fit aroun the penis, excitement sensors track and collect performance data that provides useful information for self analysis. In addition, the sensors facilitate smart squeezing, a responsive mechanism that lessens the inside grip just before ejaculation, thus prolonging the experience and generating maximum electricty. All energy is stored in a removable battery easily accessed by a sliding side panel. The battery contains a USB port to allow either direct powering of an entertainment device while using JIB*, or portable battery access for later use.

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