Jack in the Box


Jack-in-the-Box, or JIB, is a portable box made of a opaque, hard outer shell with a single hole on one side for penis insertion. The hole features a padded edge for general comfort. The inside of JIB is soft, squishy, and moist with a responsive materiality that provides optimal friction. Fiction and heat created by the penis rubbing against the inside membrane is the source of electricity generation. While the inside material allows a comfortably tight fit aroun the penis, excitement sensors track and collect performance data that provides useful information for self analysis. In addition, the sensors facilitate smart squeezing, a responsive mechanism that lessens the inside grip just before ejaculation, thus prolonging the experience and generating maximum electricty. All energy is stored in a removable battery easily accessed by a sliding side panel. The battery contains a USB port to allow either direct powering of an entertainment device while using JIB*, or portable battery access for later use.

All activity is automatically tracked and collected by the SHAG cloud. The JIB APP allows personal access to performance data, as well as games and social media integration. It is available at the SHAG APP store.

*Note: This reduces energy harvesting capabilities by 70%.

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large (custom sizes available)
Colors: White or Black

Included: Instructions with tips and techniques on optimal rhythm and force perfomance.

Illustration by Maxime Dubreucq